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Ask the Chef: Importance of Eating Green

by Julie Morris, Navitas Naturals Executive Chef
April 20, 2015

Why is eating green foods so important?

“Eat your greens!” This is the mantra of just about any doctor, nutritionist, health expert, and in most cases, parents. But what makes green foods so great? The truth is: A LOT. (more…)

Ask the Chef: Superfood Salad Dressings

by Julie Morris, Navitas Naturals Executive Chef
April 6, 2015

Can you recommend some ways to make superfood salad dressings?

Good news: you’re immediately on the right track by looking to make your own salad dressing in the first place … all superfood-talk aside! It’s so much easier to control the quality of ingredients that go into your homemade dressing versus store-bought, as while a DIY version is profoundly simple, many commercial varieties “make it complicated” by using downright awful additives (GMO canola oil, (more…)

Ask the Chef: What's So Great About Turmeric?

by Julie Morris, Navitas Naturals Executive Chef
March 30, 2015

What's so great about turmeric?

There’s been a lot of buzz about turmeric lately, and for good reason: with studies linking it to the prevention of serious diseases like cancer, heart disease, obesity, Alzheimer's disease, and arthritis, it’s hard not to be at least a little intrigued! Let’s learn more about this ancient yellow spice and why it should be on every health-conscious eater’s spice rack. (more…)

Ask the Chef: My Daily Diet

by Julie Morris, Navitas Naturals Executive Chef
March 23, 2015
My Daily Diet

Q: What does your daily diet look like?

As a superfood chef, I’m often asked what my daily food intake looks like. It makes sense there’d be a curiosity: as someone who lives and breathes superfoods professionally-speaking, one might assume I consume nothing but superfoods 24/7. While I love superfoods (obviously), I’m also a huge foodie in general: I’m all about attending to cravings (more…)

Ask the Chef: What is Chlorogenic Acid?

by Julie Morris, Navitas Naturals Executive Chef
March 16, 2015
What is Chlorogenic Acid?

Q: What is chlorogenic acid?

This is a question that I’ve been hearing a lot lately, probably because of this nutrient’s growing popularity in health-conscious circles, thanks to its many distinct benefits. Chlorogenic acid is a natural compound, photochemical, and antioxidant that’s found in plants and plays a part in plant metabolism. However, it is also beneficial in the human body and exists in many of the foods that you already eat every day. (more…)

Ask the Chef: Superfood Immunity Boosters

by Julie Morris, Navitas Naturals Executive Chef
February 23, 2015
Superfood Immunity Boosters

Q: What are some good foods to have on hand to boost the immune system?

When it comes to warding off illness, little compares to the power of superfoods! As the most potent foods on the planet in the realm of micronutrients, consuming superfoods is a terrific way to stockpile health benefits like antioxidants and anti-inflammation, while supporting the body as a whole and keeping wellness at its peak. Additionally, (more…)

Ask the Chef: Cocoa vs. Cacao

by Julie Morris, Navitas Naturals Executive Chef
February 13, 2015
Cocoa vs. Cacao

Q: What is the difference between cocoa and cacao?

If you’re a fellow chocolate lover, you’ve likely noticed that chocolate ingredients vary between containing cocoa and cacao, and both products are sold individually on the shelf as well. Though they look similar both in name as well as in their deep brown powder form, there are in fact several (more…)

Ask the Chef: Coconut Love

by Julie Morris, Navitas Naturals Executive Chef
February 2, 2015
Coconut Love

Why is coconut considered such an incredible food?

Once upon a time, coconuts were unfortunately looped into the anti-fat craze, and were considered a food to be avoided. Today, we not only know there’s nothing to fear with coconuts (or plant-based fats at all, for that matter), but it seems that the coconut is almost something of a miracle food. Because there are so many types of ingredients that can be produced (more…)

Ask the Chef: Upgrade Game Day Dips

by Julie Morris, Navitas Naturals Executive Chef
January 27, 2015

Upgrade Game Day Dip

Can you suggest some ways to upgrade my superbowl dips with superfoods?

Game Day is pretty much the unofficial snack day of the year, but everyone knows it’s really the “Superbowl Dip” that’s arguably one of the most important items on the table. Whether you serve your famous bean dip or just stick with salsa, there’s plenty of ways to boost your favorite recipes with superfoods! (more…)

Ask the Chef: More Fiber

by Julie Morris, Navitas Naturals Executive Chef
January 19, 2015

More Fiber

Q: How can I get more fiber in my diet?

If you’re looking for more fiber, you’re in good company! Many of us are seeking additional fiber in our diet, for a variety of reasons. Not only does dietary fiber help the body feel full and maintain a healthy weight, it can also help prevent chronic diseases, as well as maintain heart health and blood sugar levels. Even so, studies show many of us only get about half of the amount of fiber our bodies really need daily. The good news is, getting more fiber in your diet is as easy as selecting (more…)