Ask the Chef: Romantic Superfoods

by Julie Morris, Navitas Naturals Executive Chef
February 10, 2014

I need some healthy romantic recipes! Any recommendations?

The experience of making and eating superfood-infused food is an exceptional way to set the tone for a romantic evening. Often decadent (and always delicious), vibrant-looking foods engage the senses, enchanting aromas excite, and beautiful flavors are a bonding adventure. And of course, let’s not forget that healthy micronutrients can stimulate both the mind and the body!

Some superfoods are even considered to be true aphrodisiacs. There are many herbs in this category, ranging from ginseng to ashwagandha, as well as some of our favorite culinary superfood ingredients, like cacao and maca. Cacao (chocolate) is long associated with romance, which could be partly due to its enchanting smell and taste, but physically it promotes the production of feel-good endorphins that support the brain chemistry of being in love. Maca is one of the most widely celebrated aphrodisiac superfoods available, which boosts libido and increases stamina for both men and women.

Both cacao and maca can be made into a broad variety of recipes (and they actually go quite nicely together for a double dose of romance), but let’s face it: they’re best when turned into romantic desserts! Here are a few of our most popular recipes:

Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake: Uber decadent and incredibly stunning, this dessert is bound to impress!

Love Berries: Strawberries covered in chocolate is a classic romantic move, but homemade chocolate created with real, raw cacao takes this dessert to a whole new level of pleasure.

Chocomole: This easy, pudding-like chocolate mousse is the definition of edible luxury.

Maple Maca Ice Cream: No ice cream machine is needed to make this addictingly delicious creamy treat.

Salted Caramel Bonbons: Deep dark, raw chocolate wraps a nougat-like caramel center made with maca. What’s not to love?

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